Recessed lighting and updating

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Can lighting is available with all three types of lamps so you should choose which type you prefer.

The type of light source you choose will dictate the type of fixture to use.

However if you're installing new light fixtures it probably makes sense to install the correct fixture based on the type of lamp you plan on using long term.

Recessed lights are made up of a variety of parts but there are two main components or groups of parts you should be aware of from a homeowner's perspective: they are the housing and the trim.

You can find recessed lights with trim rings in different colors or metallic finishes.

You can even get square lights, if the round-style is too plain or conventional for you.Trims serve both functional and decorative roles and since the trim is a large part of a recessed fixture that you see, it's an important feature from an aesthetic point of view.The reflector is a cone-shaped part that surrounds the lamp and helps direct and focus the light.You should also understand where the lights are going to be installed, if there are enough of them in the plan, and the appropriate bulb, fixture and trim to use for a given situation.Even if someone else ultimately designs the plan and installs the lights for you, it'll help to have a basic understanding on the subject so that you'll feel confident you're house will be appropriately lighted.You can use CFL lamps in incandescent fixtures and there are even dimmable CFLs on the market now.

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