Real world st thomas cast dating

Fast-forward to the recent seasons, a lot has changed.There are still conflicts but rather insignificant compared to the ones before.

Some of them have turned out to be success stories in the media industry, others continue to be the athletes we watched on the Real World spin-off series, The Challenge, and the rest have settled down with their new families.

Take a look at these 15 Real World cast members and see where they are now.

According to her Instagram, she works as a graphic designer and she no longer has an interest in appearing on the MTV Challenges.

On the Real World season of Key West, we got to meet John Devenanzio, or as everyone else knows him, Johnny Bananas.

So what we watch isn’t exactly an accurate picture of who they really are, according to some of the cast members.

Regardless, they have all left a mark on the Real World platform and loyal fans everywhere can’t help but wonder what they’re up to nowadays.Along the way, he’s made a lot of friends and a few enemies but overall, everyone enjoyed the personality of Johnny Bananas.To this day, the 34-year-old California native is in no hurry to stop his MTV journey any time soon.She first came in with ex-boyfriend baggage, whom got her pregnant and left her a week before she had an abortion.We watched her pursue a few relationships on the show where she even got involved in some lesbian action, including with one of the cast members, Emilee Fitzpatrick.The MTV original series has undergone changes since the earlier years.

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