Ready to start dating again

to vulnerability and, in turn, the fear that can come with letting your true self be seen.

But in the words of best-selling author and vulnerability researcher Brené Brown, "vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.

It’s consistently pointing you to the wrong type of guy.

When it comes to reentering the dating world, it’s important that you’re not only emotionally available, but physically available as well.

Dating takes time and calls for a large commitment, and if you’re not willing to make dating a priority, it may be more difficult for you to derive any pleasure or success from it.

Truth and courage aren't always comfortable, but they're never weakness." If you’re wondering if you should reenter the dating scene, some self-reflection and soul-searching will help.

We've outlined major ideas to think through before putting yourself out there in the dating world again, and we've also included a quiz by psychologist Randi Gunther, so you can truly know if it's time or not.

Clinical psychologist and marriage counselor Randi Gunther has outlined the 15 questions to ask yourself before dating again, with five different results ranging from "You're not ready to date yet," to "It's time to get back out there." Here's her system: 1-15: You're not ready to date yet.16-30: You should probably wait a bit, and focus on hanging out with good people who love you.31-45: You’re beginning to heal.46-60: You're very close.61-75: It's time to get back out there.

The truth is, you might have some major changing to do.While others may insist that you download dating apps, sign up for dating sites and go to singles events, these actions will only be fruitful and beneficial for you if you actually have the desire to date again.On that note, there are certain steps you can take to gauge whether or not you're ready to take that next step into the dating world.The reality is that for you to find happiness and success in the dating world, it’s imperative that you’re not still hung up on your ex.After all, if you refuse to give someone else a chance because you’re still firmly invested in the past, it’ll be a slim chance that you’ll be able to have any sort of future with someone new.Reentering the dating scene can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’ve been hurt in the past or find yourself just getting out of a relationship.

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