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As a joke, Kim Tae Woo called Rain without notifying him that he was on-air.As they were conversing casually, Rain made a shocking confession.the truth about rumors linking her to different celebrities.

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He blurted, At that moment, the radio was suddenly cut off and music was played.

There is still no substantial evidence to prove that Rain and Hyori and indeed hooked up, but many fan accounts who listened to the radio that day have confirmed the story as true.

For the first time, singer Rain / Bi spoke up about the radio scandal between him and Lee Hyori on a TV broadcasting.

On an episode of KBS2 Happy Together 3 that was aired on the 20th, MC Yoo Jae Suk and Park Myung Soo had asked the King and Queen of K-pop, The radio scandal traces back to 2005, when Kim Tae Woo appeared on Kiss the Radio, which fellow g.o.d member Danny Ahn was hosting.

" Hyo Ri then replied, "Those were the absurd cases.

There were other rumors that were entirely true but there were also others that were partly true." Lee Hyo Ri was then asked about the truth on rumors on her relationships with actors.

Ever since a “rumor” was circulating that Rain had slept with Lee Hyori, they were never seen together in public.

Rain admitted the fact on radio which was promptly re-edited.

Pictures of him and Hyori were posted all over the Internet with the two of them appearing rather close in a hot tub.

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