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Phoebe dates Monica's sous-chef Tim and Monica doesn't fire him for Phoebe's sake.

When Phoebe decides to dump Tim Monica can finally fire him.

Cut to next camera angle and it is again Courteney Cox on the couch.

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Ross reassures her it isn't so bad because when she has the baby she will love someone more than she ever loved anyone.

Phoebe is talking to Monica at Central Perk about the chef that works for Monica, and Phoebe is dating, and Phoebe comments on Monica's hair.

He always pictured that his next child would grow up in a happy family.

Rachel's date was terrible because she made the mistake of mentioning she was pregnant.

She was hailed by the media as Hollywood's new "it girl", and received a BAFTA Award nomination for Best Rising Star.

After a two-year break, Mc Adams starred in two limited-release films in 2008, the film noir Married Life and the road trip drama The Lucky Ones.

The Chandler story line is very much all about comedy, while the Phoebe and Monica story line is too.

Both are well performed and written, but fairly throw away.

I really enjoyed the Ross/Rachel/Joey story line though, and there were some lovely scenes throughout.

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