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This type of date can be great fun, also giving you the opportunity to see if your date likes to get stuck in! Birmingham Botanical Gardens For those older daters, taking a walk around the Birmingham Botanical Gardens in the sunshine could be just the perfect setting for sparks to fly.The relaxed environment is likely to relieve any pressure you maybe feeling.

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Quirky dating ideas

Then Go Karting could be a quirky and perfect choice for you!

Ladies, if you suggest Go Karting as a date option, you are very likely to impress! Rage Room – Grange Live Gaming Now for the quirkiest of date ideas in Birmingham.

You never know, you could be watching the new Michael Mc Intyre with your date in a small intimate setting!

You can get food and drink ordered to the table, so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the date. Cannon Raceway Are you the adventurous type looking to share some adrenaline with your date?

We hope you’ve found inspiration from our Quirky Birmingham date ideas.

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Get competitive with your date and see who the better old-school gamer is. Rock Up Now this is an active date if you’ve ever been on one!

It’s rock climbing with a twist, there are moving parts on the walls, speed climbs, inflatable climbs and lots more.

Walk around the factory trying different chocolates is a great ice breaker if you’re feeling nervous.

For those 5th daters, they do say chocolate is an aphrodisiac!? Kong’s Bar Going for a drink with your date is probably the most common of dates to choose from.

It’s not something that jumps up as a common date idea!

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