Quick response in fashion supply chains with dual information updating

Existing product complexity methods lack the fact that complexity is a relative phenomenon arising between a product and a process and thus cannot be assessed meaningfully with regard to the product and its properties [15].

Novak and Eppinger [16] found a significant connection between product complexity and vertical integration.

To the knowledge of the authors of this paper, no quantitative study exists to model and manage the impact of fast fashion product complexity from the supply chain point of view.

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Few studies have suggested a correlation between supply chain management decisions and the level of product complexity [19].

Impact of product design complexity on supply chain performance has been widely ignored.

Numerous assortments run simultaneously in the supply chain.

For each assortment, the garment manufacturer has to source various types of fabrics and materials from different suppliers and then manufacture the garments to ship within the deadlines.

Time-consuming and labor intensive processes in textile supply chain create difficulty in synchronization of various activities and obstruct the implementation of modern supply chain management practices in this industry [3, 4].

This complexity has caused recent research to avoid the investigation of textile supply chain management and has prevented the effective implementation of quick response strategy in textile supply chain [4, 5].

The time a garment spent travelling through a pipeline, from fiber to retailer, was 66 weeks, and, of that, only 11 weeks was taken up with processing. Supply chain complexity in the textile industry has caused the obstacles in coordination between suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers.

In the textile and fashion supply chains, there is uneven distribution of financial benefits between manufacturer and retailer [7].

Impact of product design complexity on supply chain risk is even more significant in industries, such as fashion, where product design is a competitive advantage [20, 21].

Academic research on fast fashion retailers is an emerging field of study [13].

Most of the existing studies on the fast fashion supply chain are empirical and case based in nature [22].

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