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The singer who finished first in the Singer voting won prizes from a sponsor, or entitled to advantage in the next round.

Like eliminated singers, unsuccessful challengers (unless elected to withdraw) were also entitled to return performance and taking part in the Breakouts.

To promote the new Challenge round, singers were open for registration via social media.

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I Am a Singer (season 3), is a Chinese TV series produced by Hunan TV.

The show was launched in 2015, and aired every Friday at pm.

The program was produced by Hong Tao, and the show's music director was Kubert Leung.

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A new Challenger (dubbed as "Challenger", which they have less than ten years of singing experience) entered the competition taking place for the previously eliminated singer with a twist where the singer requiring to beat a majority of singers (i.e.

ranking in top four or better) or face elimination.

In 2015, Liby Enterprise Group paid 3 million to acquire exclusive naming rights for the program, compared to Season 2 (0.65 million).

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