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When you download a song from the cloud onto your device, it’s downloaded locally, allowing you to listen to the song offline.If you’re subscribed to Apple Music, using this tip will remove the song not only from your i Phone but from your i Cloud Music Library, and thusly all of your devices.It plugs directly into the USB port on your computer.

Doing so is the best of both worlds because the song will remain in your i Cloud Music Library yet it won’t take up space on your i Phone.

To remove music from your i Phone but not your i Cloud Music Library: It will ask if you want to keep the file on your computer or delete the file.

I’m going to make deleting music from your i Phone as simple as possible, with tips for those who use Apple Music and for those who don’t.

If you do have Apple Music, it’s also good to know the difference between deleting a song from your i Phone and deleting a song from i Cloud Music Library or i Tunes.

Most people do not have that much space free and so they are forced to pick and choose favorites to carry with them on-the-go.

Go into the i Tunes interface and check off the albums, artists, or genres you want to store on your device or create a new playlist that includes your favorite selections.

Non-Apple Music users will use this part to remove music from their i Phone and all other devices connected by the same Apple ID.

Here’s how to delete songs from your i Phone: This section only applies to Apple Music users; it allows you to simply remove the download of the song on your i Phone.

When your device is plugged into the computer, it appears as an icon at the top left-hand column of the i Tunes window.

Then click on the Some of the newer Mac laptops are — shall we say — USB challenged. So in addition to updating your Mac OS and i Tunes on the computer, you also want to download the latest version of i OS for your i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch.

If you have one of those, or have simply developed an aversion to cables, there’s a wireless way to get your tunes into your phone via your Wi-Fi connection. To get the latest version, tap There’s wired and wireless, but there is also a third way: The cloud.

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