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If a string is specific to a given page, then it shouldn’t be in the global domain.

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For those of you who are familiar with the Crowdin translation project, its organization is not that optimal.

Among its flaws, users have unanimously elected the following ones as most annoying: All this has one main cause: both context and project organization rely on the source file from where the string comes from.

We’re still running some tests but it should be a matter of weeks now!

:) Of course we’ll let you know here on Build when it’s finally there. We’ve organized domains in 4 major sections Shop, Admin, Modules and Install.

Now, your next question should be, “but how do I know which domain to use? All the Presta Shop translatable strings are spread across these 4 domains, according to the following definition: These are called “first-level” domains.

They are strictly informational, no domain should be Some explanations on how we organized domains and what they contain in details: That’s the easiest one, there’s only one domain: Install. There’s nothing new here, it corresponds to the former “install” file we had in 1.6 project in Crowdin. We still have a “Modules” folder (first-level), which contains either a file or folder for each module: this the second level.

We’ve been too optimistic when we said the new translation system would be available for contributors’ modules built specifically for Presta Shop 1.7. Otherwise you won’t be able to translate your modules, which we want to avoid.

We’re still trying to find a workaround so that new modules can benefit from the new translation system, but that is not going to happen in a near future, unfortunately.

Please refer to the following pull-requests to see how we worked on the adaptation: method, and have the relevant domain (more on this below).

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