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Let’s discuss the most common stereotypes about poly people and find out which ones of them are false and which ones are true.Of course, Match is not a dating site for polyamorous people only.Before signing up (which by the way is free of charge) a new user must indicate who is he/she (man, woman, couple M W, W W or M M) and what he/she/they are looking for (women, men, couples).

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We kindly recommend you to mention in your profile description that you are polyamorous - this would help the service define your targeted audience and thus the search will be more effective.

Do not forget - communication is the most important thing, do not hesitate to write first, feel free and comfortable - that’s the key to success.

Polygamy means being married to more than one person which is by the way forbidden by the law in all Christian countries.

Polyamorous people can be in love with a few partners at the same time without necessarily being married.

Open is an online platform for people seeking freedom in their relationships.

According to the words of Brandon Wade, the creator and CEO of the company, Open Minded is aimed at providing help for people who are interested in open marriages, open relationships and polyamory.

Also, it has an application downloadable on Play Market/Apple Store.

Taking all of this into account, it becomes clear that Polyamory Date is one of the top polyamorous relationship dating sites.

Polyamory is the capacity to love two or more people at the same time.

Do not get it wrong: polyamory has nothing in common with polygamy even if these two words have a similar pronunciation.

Be is for sure one of the best polyamorous dating sites in the world and is really worth trying in case you are looking for polyamory.

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