Playfire gamercard not updating

If you’re not using the latest patch, your game isn’t going to work properly.

Solution: Click here to download the latest version.

It might sound kind of dumb, but Windows updates are sometimes necessary to properly make some calls to your hardware.

playfire gamercard not updating-85

You should definitely run a memory test on your computer. Although the site sells a hard copy of the software, you can also download it to your computer for free.

You’ll have to burn a CD from the image file you download and reboot your computer with the CD inside.

Graphics card manufacturers make several mistakes in their code and don’t really have the luxury of foresight in new game technologies.

That’s why they often patch up their drivers and release new versions very rapidly.

Even if the game was made originally for the PC, you’ll still have a few bugs that could lead to a total catastrophe.

It’s usually something very small, like one of the developers forgetting a semicolon somewhere.

The game’s brochure should mention a URL somewhere.

Just go to it and find out if there are any new patches.

Take a look at the first iteration of the gamercard here: Click here to start making your own!

I hope you enjoy our first attempt and find the time to use it in your personal blogs, websites or forum signatures.

Then, you try to replay the same part of the game that previously crashed and (surprise! This is due to the rush that happens when people try to make a PC release soon after the console version has launched.

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