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A Rex Hospital spokeswoman said Solomon was in fair condition.Solomon, a 5'10' senior guard, started the game and checked out at .

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For the cumulative effect, the reader should read through the LISP source code, which is visible at [4], from which the following examples come.

As one example, in reply to the common use of "OK" the machine would deny that everything was OK: (putd ' youareresponses 'expr '(lambda nil '( (i am not (y) you insulting person) (yes i was (y) once ) (ok so im (y) so what is it a crime) (i know i am (y) dont rub it in) (i am glad i am (y) ) (sing if youre glad to be (y) sing if youre happy that way hey) (so you think i am (y) well i honestly could not care less ) ) )) is the old Eliza trick of just repeating whatever the user had typed after "You are".

This was certainly one of the first AI programs online.

This chatbot succeeded due to profanity, relentless aggression, prurient queries about the user, and implying that they were a liar when they responsed.

Eliza "simulates" (or perhaps parodies) a Rogerian psychotherapist (i.e.a practitioner of the non-directive therapy of Carl Rogers), who has a conversation with a patient by appearing sympathetic, asking bland questions, and asking the patient to clarify what he just said, or discuss how he feels about it.

This means the therapist does not have to engage in any detail with the actual content of the patient's problems.

Kata-kata yang spesifik akan membuat beberapa daftar panjang materi obrolan saat dating / kencan.

Saat browing member lainpun lebih baik dengan verified member, karena banyak juga pria bule yang bohong dengan umurnya.

Most chatbots exist in an environment where people expect to find some bots among the humans.

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