Pitfalls of dating your boss facebook app not updating status

Be very selective when picking coworkers to be your confidant because not everyone is trustworthy. To spend a half hour giving a coworker a blow by blow description of your weekend is not.” It can be challenging to decide what is TMI and what is okay to share with colleagues.

If you talk to the wrong person—someone who can't keep a secret or chooses not to—you put yourself at risk for becoming the subject of workplace gossip. You learned, so far, that revealing personal information to untrustworthy people can lead to malicious gossip and exposing vulnerabilities can damage you authority with subordinates and paint you as a weak person in your boss's eyes.

Office romances are more common in recent years, in part because people are spending more time at the office trying to safeguard their jobs.

That shared experience can pair you up with someone who you might not have considered your type, says Losee.

To avoid conflicts, one partner may transfer to another part of the organization, only to find that he or she has taken a career misstep.

“Don’t cross that line unless you think [the relationship] will last the rest of your life,” says Losee.

Please see our article advantages of dating a co-worker for further advice.

The above points are just the disadvantages to dating a co-worker.

Relationships within the chain of command carry particular risks.

If successful, they can run afoul of nepotism rules and office sniping; if they fail, fallout can include revenge, recrimination, and lawsuits.

You may even earn the reputation of being a snob if your colleagues think you don't want anything to do with them.

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