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Lyrics-Lloyd Price version Lyrics-Nick Cave version Mr Turnkey - by Zager & Evans. I kind of don't think so, he says he is a man and it was a rape and then he is singing from prison, I guess he is about to hang himself. A girl catfight, the new girlfriend ends up dead and the old girlfriend is singing the song from prison or while the police are coming to get her. A bit like the Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun, but not quite as funny. Very strange song though, kills his woman, buries her, well, then I'm not completely sure what happens in the rest of it, he bends all the tools in town so everything they build is crooked. All the classic elements of one, jealousy, she is laughing at him, he stabs her and is now waiting for the police to break down his door. It appears to be a school shooting song and about some of the kids who are killed. I'm trying to figure out if these are actually teens. Here's a quote from an article about Gentry: "The single of "Mississippi Delta" was backed by the seven minute classic "Ode To Billie Joe".

So, not really a dead teen and it isn't terribly romantic. But you know, she was showing everybody his ring, we have already seen elsewhere the effect of those high school rings on teens. Or maybe a bit more like Natural Born Killers, with the kid killing the abusive dad and then going on the run. But I knew some of the people in this band years ago, so that's kind of nice. "She stood there laughing, I felt the knife in my hand and she laughed no more" (I'm not sure if this was originally a Tom Jones song). I've never heard it (possibly the bad grammar makes sense in the song but seems annoying just reading the lyrics). He says that he was 18 when they met and that was four years ago and she died of some mysterious disease when their daughter was one. They could have just squeezed in there in the teen years. Violins and cellos were added, the song was reduced from its original seven minutes to just under five, and, as a result of disc jockeys' reactions, it became Gentry's next single.

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And this one is a nice list with some good pictures on it. (1963) I haven't heard this song, I lifted this description from the web. It looks like a car crash and somebody dies, but I can't be bothered to figure out the story and who dies and all that. It is off their second album which wasn't as great as their first one, still it is pretty good. I know the song, although I was never a Kiss fanatic like a lot of my other friends at the time. this couple flee from their parents in an old car because her father and his mother disapprove of their relationship. It seems like a suicide song to me, but apparently the video has a car crash in it. Another reader suggested one that I've never heard. Some guy's best friend takes his girl for a joy ride and has a rather gruesome encounter with some sort of dead man's curve, and the rescue team could still hear Freebird playing much later. - A motorcycle wreck on the highway song with the grieving girlfriend and all they found at the end was his clothes. Lyrics Reader's comment: "is one of the earliest examples of the genre that I've encountered.

Wondered why the heck my inbox was full of suggestions for new songs this morning (15 Sept 2007). Not really about love, unless you consider loving your car a true love sort of thing. He enters a stock car race to win money to buy her a ring, and of course it ends badly. Apparently an answer song to Tell Laura I Love Her from the point of view of Laura. One of them, Two Hour Honeymoon/Creams (Dot ) circa 1963, was a maudlin yet strangely effective rumination after a car crash where he talks to his girlfriend as he knows he's dying, set over a sleazy jazz track." Looks like it is Burt Bacharach who wrote it. Lyrics Ernie ( The Fastest Milkman In The West) - by Benny Hill (1971). But oh well, racing milk carts for the love of the widow. It is absolutely my favorite of the genre, not at all maudlin or affected or corny. One night a careless asshole in an SUV veers too close and she gets dead.

"Texas chain saw massacre, they took my baby away from me.. Lyrics (All I Have Left Is) My Johnny's Hubcap - by the Deltones. He would still be alive if he hadn't waved going around that last corner. I don't think he actually dies though, he just has to get a lot of blood. I guess he embodies teenage rebel pretty well and he did love his car (to the death). The reader said For country kids like me, going to the State Fair was a huge event, highly anticipated. In the song, Calvin is killed by a drunk driver on the way to the State Fair.

This one probably fits more in murder ballads, turning tricks on a street corner (a notorous male prostitution spot) and ends up killing somebody (perhaps a customer) and is on the run now. It seems like late for a date, speeding in the car and ran a stop sign and crashed.

It is sort of doo-wop, about a motorcycle accident, running into a truck at 100 miles an hour. I think it is supposed to be sort of funny in that hip ironic way. I think it is Australian, which might be why I hadn't heard it before. I haven't heard it, so I don't know who sang it either, but: "My favourite Teen Death Song (besides 'Remember') is a totally obscure track whose artist I have never known.

Ok, update, I have been sent a version of this song from a record by Dean Middaugh in the late 60s in the midwest US. I believe it was called 'River's Edge' and it seemed to track the real life story from the early 80's wherein some teen sociopath kills his girlfriend, or maybe just feeds her an overdose and does nothing to help her.

The other drummer whose name escapes me was in the band "Cryan' Shames" at the same time Moulty and the Barbarians were active.

Teenage Cremation - by Bob Hudson (1975) - I've just run across this one.

I think Penelope Houston was pretty young when they wrote this. Not sure about this one, since I've never heard it. ", followed by the sound of a coffin lid creaking open, and the chorus "I got my baby back"."" Two Hour Honeymoon - by Paul Hampton. Although, I'm a bit confused as to what exactly what is going on in here. I looked up Spahn Ranch too, it looks like the Manson gang used it as a hangout and it was used as a film location by early adult films. But anyways, you know, just reading the lyrics is really boring. I'm not sure, there is a bit of sex and car crashes. Dealing with the subject matter hot in the news at the time, teenage runaways. Link (Robert Mitchum is pretty cool, you have to see The Night of the Hunter, now there's a psycho film.) Lyrics Teen Tragedy Medley - The Dovells. There is no reason in the world anybody should ever have to hear this, but if you feel the need, WFMU has the entire album posted on their website. It has one of my favorite death-song lines of all time in it: 'One day he'll know how hard I prayed for him to live....'" Black Denim Trousers - by The Diamond.

She gets the phone call that he died in a car crash. The song ends with the sound of digging, then "Pay dirt! Apparently, he must have been wearing his seatbelt or something, because it seems like there was not a scratch on him, especially if he can run around singing about it right after the crash. Car accident and tragedy strikes on their way to getting married in the middle of an argument. Sorry, I wasn't one of the millions in the 70s who bought Meat Loaf albums. The reader wrote The Brooklyn Italo-American doo-wop group known for "Hushabye" in 1959 recorded this tear jerker a couple of years later. Written and performed by Robert Mitchum as the theme song for the film Thunder Road. Not just because it is awful, which it is in a way that only a really awful Las Vegas nightclub act can be (they were opening for Jerry Van Dyke after all), but because it is just a medley of Teen Angel and Tell Laura I Love Her (with Bye Bye Baby thrown in at the end for some reason). Lyrics Reader's comment: "is truly awful, but lots of fun to hear.

Victor Moulton the lead singer of the Barbarians lives across town and I had the pleasure to meet him last year. He still makes public appearances occaisonally and never tires of talking about the old days.

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