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“Pink has always believed in being totally honest with people and the book will be a full and frank record of her life.

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Disney channel star Bella Thorne is dating Pamela Anderson's son with Tommy Lee, Brandon Lee.

A source confirmed the couple's relationship to Us Weekly months after the Shake It Off actress broke it off with her longtime boyfriend last summer.

“Pink is standing firm, but as far as Carey is concerned it’s a sure sign she is hiding things from him,” continues the source. Last month the star hosted a bachelorette party for a close friend in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where she was spotted rocking a tongue-in-cheek swimsuit which bore the slogan ‘Hot Mess’ on the front.

It was recently revealed that the pop star made a staggering $109 million from tickets sold for her recent Australia/New Zealand leg of her Beautiful Trauma world tour – making her one of the highest grossing singers Down Under.

he’s known for her candid honesty, but Pink is going one step further.

The American singing star is said to be quietly penning her autobiography to coincide with her 40th birthday next year in a bid to dish the dirt on her private life.

“Sure she gets her head turned by other people, but whatever happens between them, she will always go running back to Carey.

“Despite all their bad times, they always make up afterwards.

Just last year the singer admitted it was difficult to stay faithful.

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