Pictures of nigeria women sex scandals and cam

Offei managed to come up with 4, refused to pay any more, and the repairman went ahead and released the sex tapes to the public.

Pictures of nigeria women sex scandals and cam-10

Yaw Offei, 50, is apparently the guy behind the whole controversy.

He is a physically-challenged photographer and is apparently both an elder and the choir leader of a local church.

Apparently, police investigations continue although there is no mention of what charge Offei might face other than the wrath of a possible 64 husbands and boyfriends.

In other strange news from Ghana, the recently reported on the story of a Ghanaian man who claimed he died and was resurrected twice.

Today, young Gambian girls are also involved in the sex trade.

Some of them think it is the best way to make ‘fast money’ or bag a husband to take them to Europe.The big question is: Why are the hotel managers allowing them in their premises?It seems one should be careful when getting a camera repaired these days.A new page, The Gambia Newbie has emerged online portraying The Gambia as a popular sex heaven.The page features naked girls, many of whom are believed to be from West African countries like Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.During the time he was dead, he allegedly spotted Michael Jackson and Pope John Paul II in the fires of hell.

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