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News and commentary by Fred Owens in La Conner, a small town in the Skagit Valley. I loved their warm, over-stuffed apartment in Manhattan in the 1950s. The oldest brother had committed suicide, which was a tragedy that can strike anyone's family.

The story behind the name: There was once a grocery store in a quonset hut, run by Mr. Clyde, an old drunk who lived out on the river, thought that Mr. I always wondered about these people who read Catcher in the Rye and then figured that Salinger owed them an explanation. And the story in the book, is about how Franny Glass, the youngest child, was having a nervous breakdown. Glass undressed the package and now stood reading the fine print on the back of a carton of toothpaste.

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Over an order of crab cake sandwich, steamed asparagus and a modest slice of banana cream pie enjoyed at a downtown seafood restaurant, Quinn talks with me about his uneasy relationship with Democratic Gov. Editor/Blogger's note: Because BW Chicago is no longer around, I felt it was a professional courtesy to double-back and ask Quinn if he'd object to an edited version of the interview appearing on this blog. Gov., who did not see this article beforehand, is OK with its posting.

Here goes: You have not always agreed with the Blagojevich administration, especially on big business issues. I told the governor that privately and testified publicly against it. The governor doesn't listen to me enough, in my humble opinion.

Any bone in your body can be affected by osteoporosis but the ones that break the most are in the hip area.

This is a most severe break for a person because it usually requires a hospital stay and surgery.

It also could require a person to walk with a cane because of the break or it may take away their ability to walk altogether.

Death can even occur from spinal or vertebral injuries due to osteoporosis.

Then his clothes caught on fire and the fire killed him. He was always careful, but you know you can catch it anytime, and he did.

I wondered, his family must have wondered, how much he suffered, how long the flames tormented him, how long he laid on the ground before they found him.

This is a state that wants the Olympics, so we have to have to project an image to the world that says, "We don't have to hide behind a tree when it comes to political corruption". Yes, the Olympics would open the eyes of the world to Chicago. You are for Illinois Senator Barack Obama for President and also a friend of his chief strategist, David Axelrod.

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