Philadelphia involving two black panthers blocking and intimidating voters

This as the Obama administration responds to a judicial repeal of its drilling moratorium with a new moratorium. The new cap painstakingly lowered throughout the day, as we mentioned—lowered the last 40 feet into place just a short time ago.

If all goes according to plan, phrases that have been repeated for the last 2 ½ months, it will be latched shut tonight with testing to follow, ending the surface collection efforts to determine whether the new cap can withstand the pressure. Surface collection itself suffering a setback this weekend, technical glitches delaying the vessel Helix Producer from full collection capacity for another day or so.

The White House today dispatched the first lady, Michelle Obama, to meet with officials in Panama City and remind people lots of beaches remain untouched in the area.

To protect those beach, the interior secretary, Ken Salazar, this afternoon, unveiled a new moratorium on offshore drilling, arguing that it is needed to make sure the new wells are up to snuff without acknowledging that we don‘t know whether they‘re up to snuff because he failed to reform his department.

The building manager asked the Fox reporter to leave, she says, and he moved further from the entrance. "There has been no fighting, no voter intimidation at all," she said.

I'm told that the neighborhood where this voting place is located is a heavily non-white population. Looks more like a case of instigation and exploitation.

But she says one was an officially designated poll watcher (it was not immediately clear which municipal office had designated him in that role), and the second was his friend.

The second panther, who left two or three hours ago, was the one with the nightstick, she says.Political weak-knees as the governor‘s conference splits on supporting the administration‘s lawsuit against Arizona—and at least one Democratic governor criticizes the suit.The NAACP finally calls out the tea party for its, quote, “racist element.” One of the Astroturf backers of the nearly all-white movement says, “I just don‘t see racism in the Tea Party Movement”—with Professor Melissa Harris-Lacewell. FOX News whips up paranoia, claiming an Obama racist plot to dismiss criminal charges against harassers at a polling place—except that now turns out the criminal charges were dismissed before Obama was president.“Worsts”: Miami contemplates a new law: Do no feed the homeless. And “Consumer Reports” does a new 180 on the new i Phone 4. (END VIDEO CLIP) (MUSIC) (END VIDEOTAPE) OLBERMANN: Good evening from New York.First, it said there was not antenna problem with drop calls. Breaking news: Near sea floor near the Gulf of Mexico, ending the “it‘s getting worse” part of the Gulf oil disaster is potentially just hours away.Dischell says that earlier this morning a few men who identified themselves as being from the Mc Cain campaign came and started taking pictures of the two panthers on their cell phones.

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