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Mayor José Benítez categorized the jurisdiction into cotos, hatos, criaderos, monterías, and terrenos realengos.

Cotos were lands awarded to residents as reward for their services to the king.

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With such mass migrations, not only the size of the town was changed, but the character of its population was changed as well.

Europeans, including many Protestants, immigrated from a variety of nations.

Secondly, landlords and merchants migrated from various Latin American countries.

They had migrated for better conditions, as they were leaving economic decline following the revolutions and disruption of societies as nations gained independence from Spain in the 1810s-1820s.

Third, the Spanish Royal Decree of Graces of 1815 attracted numerous European immigrants to Puerto Rico.

It encouraged any citizen of a country politically friendly to Spain to settle in Puerto Rico as long as they converted to the Catholic faith and agreed to work in the agricultural business.

The taking of Ponce by American troops "was a critical turning point in the Puerto Rican campaign.

For the first time the Americans held a major port to funnel large numbers of men and quantities of war material into the island." Ponce also had underwater telegraph cable connections with Jamaica and the West Indies, putting the U. forces on the island in direct communication with Washington, D. for the first time since the beginning of the campaign.

Monterías were hilly areas located next to hatos were cattle could be reigned in or gathered together with the help of trained dogs.

Criaderos were lands were cows could be herded for milk production.

Following trends set in Europe and elsewhere, in 1877, Don Miguel Rosich conceived an exposition for Ponce.

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