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After reaching the house of the bride, first groom knelt down before the bride and out a shoe on her right foot.

This act would make everybody understand that the young man was ready to serve the lady for the rest of his life. Someone old and knowledgeable of the village was invited to the groom’s house. But before he started, the bride would give some presents to the groom, which would include a metal pin for the cape, a headband and a woolen shirt.

The evening meal is usually very late and often taken away from home—while visiting with friends or in a restaurant or neighbourhood bar.

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If she also showed her interest, then usually that young man asked his parents to speak to the parents of the lady.

Once a year the village governors lined up the young men and girls set by the parents for him.

Sometime it could happen, same lady could be chosen by more than one person.

In that case the governor would take the final decision.

Once the groom put on the clothes, they sat together to listen to the old person.

Sometime this man could be the relative of this family, or he could be just from the village.The most important meal is usually taken shortly after noon; most families assemble for this dinner.The early afternoon is reserved for the siesta (nap) hour, followed by a return to work for those who are employed; for those who are not, it is a time for relaxing, paying social visits, participating in sporting activities, or watching a favourite (soap opera).For people of higher economic and social status, most daily tasks, such as cooking, house cleaning, and gardening, are performed by servants.Many wealthy families in Lima have more than one home: the main house may be in one of the city’s elite neighbourhoods; a second may be at the beach; and a third may be in the Andean foothills or overseas.In coastal areas, traditional cooking is called In urban areas, people dress in typical Western-style clothing.

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