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Economically, asparagus, sugarcane, shoes, and breweries are some of the main products of the area.

Peru is the world’s leading exporter of asparagus and a lot of it comes from this part of the country.

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Millions of adobe bricks were used in its construction, many marked by family symbols, including probably the oldest “happy face” in existence!

Recently uncovered colorfully painted friezes that tower several stories high are the highlight of visiting this site.

The areas around Trujillo are among the largest exporters of white asparagus in the world.

This translates to bargain prices at the local markets where you can also pick up three or four avocados for a dollar.

Historic houses in this part of Trujillo include the 16th century Casa del Mayorazgo or Casa Tinoco built by the owners of the first sugar factory of Facalá.

From the eastern corner of the Plaza, the pedestrian Pizarro Street stretches in a northeast direction, passing the 17th century La Merced Church, one of Trujillo’s oldest buildings.

And, of course, there is always lots of cheap asparagus available.

Located in Huanchaco, about minutes from the center of Trujillo, the busy Capitán FAP Carlos Martínez de Pinillos International Airport provides regularly scheduled domestic flights.

A couple would be hard-pressed to spend more than for a typical meal.

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