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We have a painting entitled ‘Games on Ice Skates’ that dates from this period, in which the skates were already highly sophisticated.” But he adds that the sport became particularly popular after the “foundation of modern China” in the 20th century, explaining that, at first, skates were too expensive to buy, meaning that most people could afford only to hire them.Today, two of the stars of pairs figure skating in China are Cheng Peng and Yang Jin, who finished second in the 2018 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating final in December in Vancouver.Pang Tong is one of Master Water Mirror's renowned Eight Geniuses.

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He and former pairs partner Shen Xue are married and had a baby in September.

Elsewhere at the Iceberg Palace arena, skaters are losing themselves in tender embraces to rousing soundtracks from "Phantom of the Opera", "Jesus Christ Superstar" and, appropriately enough, "Romeo and Juliet".

The pair tightly grasped each other's hand as they came off the ice."It's an interesting relationship because there's never been anything off the ice for Dylan and I but I think what we have is so special, in a sense better than that," said Moore-Towers.- Great working relationship -"We have a great working relationship and we enjoy what we do and we're able to leave it at the rink at the end of the day."However, Valentine's Day in Sochi could be an icy one for curling couple Xu Xiaoming of China and his South Korean wife Kim Ji-Sun with the women's teams from the two countries set to clash."Through curling we have a lot of interaction with the Chinese female team, so I would be very happy if they won," said 29-year-old Xu, who plays on the men's team.

The South Korean men's team did not qualify for Sochi so, unlike her husband, Kim, 26, has no loyalty issues."Of course I would cheer for the Korean team, because those are my countrymen," she said."But I would at the same time be cheering for China because that is my husband.

Not that brooding entanglement on the ice means a romantic flourish off it.

Canada's Kirsten Moore-Towers and Dylan Moscovitch delighted with their bubbly performance in the pairs final where every loop and twist was accompanied by warm smiles.

Tianze Wang, who skates in the pairs event with Motong Liu, said: “We all want to take part, and that’s without taking into account that these Games will be held in our country.” Cheng hopes that “all the athletes will put in great performances in Beijing in 2022”.

Zijian Wang, who competes in the men’s singles, hopes that “we will all be able to master the most difficult moves so that we can put on the best show possible”.

In fact, he likes a bloody power struggle, and is bent on crushing Cao Cao in his first opening move.

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