Outlook inbox folder not updating alabama christian dating

It also says something like "attempt to reconnect" on the bottom.

My guess is that you probably have a firewall appliance that is filtering traffic.

Has anyone in The Great Ars Hivemind run into something similar?

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You can try forcing ipv4 (or ipv6) to see if the problem occurs more on one than the other. Have to tried changing forcing one or the other to see if it makes a difference?

When this happens does it happens does it happen for all users or only random sets of users? If the users are in cached mode, and if it's not a sudden loss of connection for everyone at once (e.g.: it happens sporadically to different users), it could be a network problem.

By default Windows has a TCP Keep Alive value of 2 hours; that's a bit high.

The general guidance from the product team is that the value, ideally, ought to be 30 minutes (and no less that 15 minutes): https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/exc ...

What has been done so far:- Support ticket with MS, Exch environment "reviewed" and no issues found.- Network config and stability reviewed internally by Network Engineer and with providers, no issues found.- 5 users have Outlook troubleshooting logging enabled but no errors logged, when Inbox is missing incoming email the log doesn't show any delivery from mail servers.- Profiles recreated, OST files recreated, issue persists.- 2 users have host file entries forcing the mail server to resolve to the public IP, they have reported no issues since this change (12 days for 1 user and 2 days for the 2nd user).- MSRPC ALG on the Junipers at HQ and 1 remote site were just disabled yesterday.

We're going to open a new ticket with MS but we're also pretty much out of ideas.

Send/Receive has no effect.- 25 out of ~150 users experience this issue, from multiple remote sites, no one at HQ is affected.- Issue is sporadic, it may happen 3 times in 2 days and then no issue for a week.

Background:- Hub and Spoke network architecture, HQ is the hub with 28 remote offices connecting to HQ.- Exchange 2013 at most recent patch level, 2 cas and 2 mbx.- Office 2016 on all clients.- All Windows and Office updates applied.- Mail servers resolve to internal IP so traffic flows across pvlans to HQ.- Edge devices at all locations are Juniper SRX.

When this happens does it happens does it happen for all users or only random sets of users? More specifically a TCP keep-alive issue whereby a layer-3 device is closing an idle connection, but the Windows host isn't getting an acknowledgement so it has an empty socket open to Exchange.

When this happens trying doing control right-click on the Outlook icon in the system tray and selecting "Connection Status..", then in the window that opens, click on "Reconnect".

You might want to try whitelisting all traffic from a few specific IP's.

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