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Not only has MTV managed to make teenage pregnancy glamorous but it looks like its mediatization of a teenager’s life might have led to her losing custody of her child.

Congratulations, we couldn’t have thought up a better script to demonstrate the power of media.

It is unclear whether Amber who has been on the show for months has lost custody of her daughter Leah through the intervention of family services or by her own decision.

She might have decided with the father that a 2-year old should not to have to face every day the mob of photographers sitting outside Amber’s home.

It would be great, if the blur effect could be set via slider (like the vignette).

Thumbs up (both, if you can include a slider for blur in the next version) 1274 - Paul Ladroid, June 15, 2009, am : @ Thiago : what do you mean by "focus" is changed ?

The fact that Amber attacked physically Leah’s father on TV might have contributed to that decision.

We all know how much reality television favors, and fuels, exaggerated conflict on the screen.

it worked when i first downloaded it, but when i closed and reopened it...….

Gli italiani, dal canto loro, sembrano aver colto l’occasione al volo.

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