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Metrodate hasn’t changed considerably in the last 20 years, but it hasn’t needed to.

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For example, if you log onto Metrodate from Orlando, you’ll only see singles who live in your region, unless you manually perform a zip code search outside of your area.

If users live in small towns or cities without an active Metrodate presence, they may need to look outside of their area to find potential partners.

Those features, developed in 1998, include localized search, through which users can see profiles of members who live near them.

Before Metrodate, most dating websites didn’t let users search by location; in fact, many dating and matchmaking companies used catalogs as the preferred method for helping users find compatible singles.

The Short Version: Created in 1998, Metrodate was an early online dating platform that also came to popularize many features common on dating apps today — like local matching and searchable profiles.

Users see a customized version of the website depending on their location and restaurants and businesses in those cities can post events — free of charge — to entice singles.To accomplish that, they simply need to change their zip code on the search bar.The Singles Events page for each location allows local businesses to list events that might be appropriate for a date.These include video and voice chat to help users get to know one another. For safety, Metrodate watermarks users’ profile photos to prevent use by scammers.Users appreciate that fake profiles are taken down from the site after they are reported to moderators.Today Brad, along with his wife, Debra, Brad focuses most of his attention on developing and maintaining the platform for mental health support Therapy Notes.

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