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(They’re missing out, I agree.) This happens because the stakes are low when strangers meet online.They have no history with you or frame-of-reference and know that they have 50 more “matches” waiting for them.

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So that you don’t feel like you’re also starring on the show, perhaps it’s worth sharing three common uncomfortable realities of online dating and a few ways to manage these scenarios.

The biggest complaint I hear from men is that the women online lie about their age, while women complain that the men exaggerate their height.

In general, you should know if it’s worth taking an hour out of your life to meet in person after about 3 communications.

If it’s not possible to meet that soon because of distance or schedules, book a video chat. A video chat shouldn’t seem bizarre or futuristic anymore.

It’s amazing that almost all of us have access to digital cameras and are still posting pictures that poorly represent how we look today. ) Since setting expectations is a big part of the dating process, representing yourself accurately and honestly is a smart way to kick off a first meeting; but somehow, people still wildly misrepresent themselves in their online dating profiles.

Assuming not everyone is reading this article or taking the advice to heart, my suggestion would be to skip the involved dinner or full afternoon date and opt for something simple like meeting for a happy hour drink after work.Set your expectations, meet sooner than later, and find balance.And when possible, have a sense of humor about your online dating “adventures” (euphemism!Marriages that evolve from online relationships less often result in divorce, and both parties tend to be happier in the marriage.We first noticed this phenomenon among our friends when more and more people started using dating apps.This way you’re not investing too much time in someone who may actually be a troll. Or 101 other things that you won’t pick up about him until you meet.

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