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Students then investigate thermal transfer through a water mixing lab.

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First, students examine physical properties and hazards of substances and mixtures.

Next, students examine how different gases respond to temperature changes and how different concentrations of salt water respond to temperature changes.

A metric ruler will be used to measure length in centimeters (cm).

In Part 1 of this unit, students will learn about data collection, graphing skills (both by hand and computer aided [Desmos]), and the fundamental mathematical patterns of the course: horizontal line, proportional, linear, quadratic, and inverse.

This scale was created through collaboration with five elementary teachers.

Students will learn about the the hazards chemicals pose to the people who use them while learning about states of matter and kinetic molecular theory.

Students engage in collaboration, analysis of data through board discussions, and writing an analysis using claim-evidence-reasoning.

Using a phet simulation, students then model what happens to particles during increase and decrease in energy.

[2] Introduction and Advanced Work with Story Maps: Slides and hands-on exercises. These include examining Pacific typhoons in 3D, demographics of Zip Codes, creating viewsheds and buffers, and much more. These include the 1854 cholera epidemic in London (activity), a Boulder County hazards analysis (map), and an examination of the Human Development Index around the world (map).

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