Online dating for under 18s

However recently I noticed a plethora of girls who say they are (21, 28, 25) When in reality they are (13-17).

I'm not saying you have to check every profile.

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In this list you will find a collection of teenager dating sites in the United Kingdom.

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I'm 15, and anyone who has their age marked as a minor on their FB is put with other minors.

The problem is, lots of these teens had to have their age set higher when they first made their Facebook account. Yea it's pretty problematic and can get people into sticky situations. She didn't care hooking up with a 20 year old.

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But right now we can't even report anyone for review.

This is quite dangerous for the little girls( or boys possibly). When little kids start using it however it becomes very dangerous and a place I don't want to be a part of."This is ridiculous.

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