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If you’re uptight, negative, and project all of those things about your cancer experience, they are naturally going to pick that up. But I can say this for sure; I accept my scars and don’t approach them with shame. And heck, my outlook on the rest of my body has gotten much more positive…However, if you project that you love yourself, you’re proud of yourself, and you consider yourself a warrior and [believe that] you’re amazing, that’s how he’ll view you, too. I don’t have nipples—you think a little cellulite is going to bring me down?The date started with a very handsome, confident, witty, well-dressed man.

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The days of beating myself up and trying to hide every imperfection about my body is over.

The fact that I have scars and no nipples is impossible to hide.

I was shocked by the men who posted pictures of themselves with their shirts off, selfies exposing their six-pack abs.

I quickly passed up these profiles as I assumed that they were looking for that kind of perfection in return and would never be interested in an extensively scarred, nipple-less woman.

However, something I do not talk much about are the challenges of being a single woman in the dating world after having major reconstructive surgery on my breasts.

After my tumor was removed, I chose to have a double mastectomy.

Post-cancer body changes and body image issues are real. • Every scar, every bald head, every dark circle, every prosthetic breast, and every reflection in a mirror that you might not recognize anymore tells a story. As I talked about this article, he shared that he was intimate with a women who had a double mastectomy.

He said, “I was not mortified or shocked…more than anything I had questions, but I felt uncomfortable asking them because I didn’t want to dwell on what might be a painful subject.” Do not let lack of communication sabotage what could be a wonderful relationship with a loving man.

• When you are ready move away from the “Carrie Bradshaw Syndrome”.

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