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According to her bio, “Kimberly has one primary goal for KMA: To change the traditional view of therapy to one that’s modern, normalized, and enjoyable for all.” In recent years, Kimberly has exploded in her work as a professional Youtuber.

Ask Kimberly is a channel dedicated to giving out killer dating advice in a relatable and fun way.

She pays close attention to the comments and uses the feedback from her audience as inspiration for new videos.

When she sees a large number of comments all asking the same question — like “How do I get a guy to like me?

Typically, patients come to KMA Therapy once a week for one-hour appointments, but Kimberly said the frequency and duration of sessions can vary based on a person’s schedule, budget, and other personal preferences.

The team is flexible enough to work with busy individuals.

Her charisma when talking about matters of the heart has earned her a loyal fan base of Kimberlinas on the web.

Currently, Kimberly’s channel boasts 333,000 subscribers. Her weekly videos get millions of views from a primarily young and female audience.Each therapist brings his or her own perspective to the practice and takes a unique approach to helping people.From evidence-based techniques to emotionally focused therapy, the team’s diverse blend of styles is a great upside to the general practice.” — Kimberly puts together a video to address their concerns from a psychological perspective.“Today,we’re going to talk about the top five tips I have after years of working with couples and relationships on my therapy couch,” she said in her video on how to get a guy to like you.The professional therapist describes her primary client base as a young and eligible people in Toronto.

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