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That is why I call all my pre '57 Smiths by the model name, like "Combat Masterpiece", "K22 Masterpiece" etc..

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If you post up the whole number (or all but the last two or three) I can narrow it down even tighter.

10 by itself means started in 1957 10-1 started in 1959 10-2 started in 1961 10-3 started in 1961 10-4 started in 1962 10-5 started in 1962 10-6 started in 1962 10-7 started in 1977 10-8 started in 1977 10-9 started in 1988 10-10 started in 1988 10-11 started in 1997 (probably not this or later, since your gun is blue) 10-12 started in 1997 10-13 started in 2002 Using these tables together, you should be able to narrow down a decent range of when your gun is from.

If it is a newer gun, the serial might be elsewhere on the gun as well.

If it has grips that cover that section of the frame, you may have to remove them.

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