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Service /* ============ POCO to send Office data back via the Web Service ============ */ [Serializable] public class Office Updater The problem with the method above is that is doesn't work out of the box.

Add a static method in the code behind of the page: [Web Method] public static Office Updater[] Get Offices(string consultant ID) This needed two directives: using System.

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You may need to use "../Service/Offices.asmx/Get Offices2" b.

Attempting to use j Query to add the "change" method for the Drop Down List gave me an incomprehensible error.

Some tiny trip-up details in Office Ajax() were: a. It seems to prefer you to use a "POST" rather than a "GET" d.

My website is configured as a Virtual so the web service call was "/Service/Offices.asmx/Get Offices2". You must send a parameter to the web service even if it is just: data: !!! I thought that the object returned would be accessible as data so that data.length would give the number of items.

Using IE 8 is useful here as it as a javascript debugger.

Incomprehensible error messages back when the webservice or javascript does not work.

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