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Although no single woman in New York will believe it, I promise it’s true.” Since singles maps don’t give us enough information to tell us whether New York, Boston, or anywhere else is the best place to find love, I turned to other sources: dating apps, survey makers, and corporations. The dating app Elite Singles, which delivers matches to its users after they answer a substantial questionnaire, sent me a press release recently announcing its list of the most “marriage-minded” locations based on information from 100,000 of its members. 1 place to find someone who wants to get married is Keller, Texas, a city of about 45,000 people not far from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Wallet Hub, a credit-focused personal finance website, has ranked the best (and worst) cities for singles based on “34 key indicators of dating-friendliness.” Those indicators included the average monthly fitness club fee, the number of restaurants, and the number of active Tinder users. New York City doesn’t event make it into the top 15 — nor does Boston. 4, randomly, is Agawam (maybe couples find strength in Six Flags’ roller coasters).

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Sometimes I hear about a kind of jealousy between people in New York City and Boston. Those friends (and some Boston-area readers of my Globe advice column) believe that the dating options would be more plentiful in New York, and that there’d be a better night life scene for meeting strangers.

My single friends in Boston tell me it would be “sooo much easier” to find love if they lived in New York City.

One of the most popular was made by Jonathan Soma, who now teaches data visualization at Columbia University’s journalism school.

Soma made his map when he was working as a Web developer, in response to a very vague map of singles 18 to 64 published in the Globe in 2008 by the social theorist Richard Florida.

Dating is easier when you aren’t sad to have to walk outside.

(Of course, when I tell a West Coast friend I assume it’s easier to date in California because of the warmth, she laughs at me.) These rankings, then, are all over the map when it comes to Boston and New York.

A Vassar graduate, he lived in Boston, and now resides in New York.

I ask Zane whether he thinks it’s easier to date in some cities than others — and whether Boston or New York is a better dating city, in general.

They don’t tell you who has a super-serious significant other.

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