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These duties included but were not limited to household chores, helping to raise children, managing finances, providing emotional support and being your best friend. So, as a married person, you are now faced with a spouse who is changing and becoming more and more dependent on you.When you married, your expectation was that you would share these responsibilities throughout your life and you would walk side by side, taking care of each other. So what are the issues that you may be facing in your marriage as your spouse progresses with dementia?These days there are so many places to get help in dealing with your spouse having dementia.

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Losing your spouse to dementia is often a slow, emotionally painful process.

One reason we choose a partner in life is to have a best friend with whom we can share our deepest thoughts.

Most couples divide up responsibilities in some fashion, and we grow accustomed to only handling so many tasks.

With dementia, your spouse will not only forget to do the task, but will also get to a point where they are no longer able to complete these tasks.

When your spouse has dementia, they may have a decrease in desire for any physical contact or they may be very inappropriate with their physical and sexual demands.

This creates a huge change in the dynamic of your relationship and can cause uncomfortable feelings such as guilt, grief, anxiety and depressed mood.Talking to an elder law attorney is one quick way of getting things in order.Regarding intimacy, expect your feelings and needs to change as your spouse changes.If you deny that there is a problem, your spouse may suffer by not getting appropriate treatments and you suffer by postponing getting help and support from others.There are other stages of grief including anger, guilt, physical symptoms and acceptance – although each person grieves differently.I don’t know about you, but when I said my wedding vows, I didn’t really understand what I meant when I repeated “in sickness and in health”.

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