Observablearray not updating

If you are not careful, the bindings may be causing re-renders much more often than you might realize.

A common scenario where you might use the if binding is when you want to display a section only when an observable Array actually contains items.

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I have updated a old sample written for you with few changes. just check this sample, When you click 'Add New Data', it adds using push.apply and you will notify only once.

But when you click 'Add One By One', it adds one by one using push. Basically it you have N items, N times will be notified.

and it will only notify subscribers when changing between true and false based on the length of the array.

You can here see that each item is no longer re-rendered on every add.

Hi, If your array / collection has multiple items and if you add (array.push(item) one by one then the subscribers will be notified for each and every push / add operation. That is the difference and the advantage / usage of this apply function.

But if you use appy , then you can still add multiple items, but subscribers will be notified only once.

A recent Stack Overflow question prompted me to start a series of short posts with some basic performance tips/gotchas for

In smaller applications, many of these items would go unnoticed, but as a project becomes more complex, it is important to understand the amount of work that Knockout is doing to manage your UI.

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It is important, however, to understand that the with binding will re-render the entire section whenever its bound value changes.

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