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Police have thanked the local communtiy for giving the video the awareness it needed.

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When I look at a friend, I find only one head – hers. Because I am empty of form here, empty of colour and movement, empty of solidity - empty of everything - I take her in, I receive her, I become her. Looking at her face, my gaze travels from her eyes to her forehead, then down to her cheek and mouth, then up to her hair. It seems as though I could look forever and still discover new things about her. I cannot gaze first on one part of my being and then move on to another – it isn’t made up of parts. No distance intervenes between my being and the person in front of me. Having no face here, I find no surface that sets us apart, or keeps her out, or fends her off.

Seeing the space here, I see all of it, all at once.

Another woman appears to stick the joint in the child’s mouth, as they pass the marijuana around the room.

Two women are seen teasing the child, who looks around four years old.

When I awaken to how things really are I don’t suddenly stop identifying with my appearance.

I’m simply conscious that my face is not here but out there in others and in the mirror. Though I’m capacity for every face I meet, recognizing that all faces are my own, the face I see in the mirror is special to me.

When a multimillionaire man's son is kidnapped, he cooperates with the police at first but then turns the tables on the kidnappers when he uses the ransom money as a reward for the capture of the kidnappers.

The story of a relationship between a teacher and his troubled pupil.

Sometimes I meet people who are also aware they are the One in disguise. What difference does being face to no-face make to the way I live my life, to the way I relate to others? Nor am I necessarily some kind of saint who, totally detached from desires, preferences, even life, would happily let someone walk over him.

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