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“These kids often struggle to learn everything that isn’t rote or literal.”At Winston Prep, a study of more than 100 students with NLD showed that there were 6 combinations of the 5 deficits.The largest group had all five of the deficits, but the second largest group had just two: social communication and executive functions.Hence they can’t copy it.”They also have difficulty evaluating visual-spatial information.

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For example when they are asked to copy a shape like a cube they produce “profound distortions,” says Bezsylko.

“These kids can’t accurately perceive the cube, the forms that make up the cube, and the relationships between them.

They miss the social patterns that other kids pick up automatically, so they don’t know what’s appropriate behavior in a given situation.

Difficulties with social communication is one reason why kids with NLD often focus—sometimes obsessively—on technology.

“In chat rooms or in a video game they don’t have to deal with all the nonverbal stuff,” Bezsylko notes.4.

Math Concepts Many kids with NLD are very good at rote learning, and they are able to do well in math just by memorizing data.But there is another, less well-known type of learning disorder that’s not about learning disorder. It isn’t an official diagnosis like ADHD and autism—in fact many kids who have non-verbal learning challenges have those diagnoses.But experts say focusing on NLD explains what’s happening with kids—and how to help them learn—better than those diagnoses.This affects kids’ ability to comprehend reading, and write or tell a story effectively. Bezsylko observed that some kids essentially take down everything the teacher says because they don’t know what’s important and what not to take down.Other kids don’t know what’s important so they take down nothing, and people think they aren’t paying attention. Social Communication Most kids with non-verbal learning disorders have trouble reading emotion in facial cues and body language, so they often don’t know what’s going on in social interactions.“All the stuff that involves understanding information—relationships, concepts, ideas, patterns.”These deficits—all things related to the right hemisphere of the brain—can affect a child’s ability to do a surprising variety of things.

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