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Now for the big question that's surely on everyone's lips: Let's just be sentimental and assume that that it does.The couple's new baby daughter, Bodhi, was born last November.

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"You kind of lose your mind when you're working so much," he said of the "Breaking Dawn" filming experience.

"You're shooting in a depressing climate kind of because it's winter-time.

At the urging of his wife of course Kryachko named a newly discovered asteroid after Robert Pattinson.

The RPatz space rock is only two kilometers wide about one mile and yardsbut it's the thought that counts.

The couple broke up for the last time in mid much to the.

Kellan lutz and ashley greene dating kellan lutz, actor twilight.

With all of the media attention paid to the couple, though, most of Reed's fans have probably forgotten her brief marriage to American Idol contestant Paul Mc Donald-- even though it ended just four years ago.

Reed and Mc Donald literally met on the red carpet.

"I feel like we'll be like that for a long time," she gushed immediately after the embrace.

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