Nick jonas and selena gomez are not dating

The two talked for about a half hour over appetizers after the restaurant had closed.

nick jonas and selena gomez are not dating-14

The relationship between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez is quite sickening and dysfunctional.

Those loyal CDLers were not at all surprised by the dinner date between Justin and Selena last night as we told you that Justin couldn’t stand seeing Selena parading around on someone else’s arm.

While Jonas usually dates celebrities, Azaredo seems to be an exception.

The gorgeous brunette studied biomedical sciences at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

We told you that Justin doesn’t want Selena back because he misses her and loves her…he just can’t stand appearing as though he lost her.

And—just like we told you, that is exactly what happened when Justin called to ask Selena to dinner.

He also shared that he was sad to have spent New Year’s Eve with someone else.

Selena took everything in and told Justin she needed time to think.

That is eating Justin alive because, deep down, he is very insecure.

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