Nhs medical cards updating

Note: medical cards are no longer issued in England.

If you still have one, it may have an old-style NHS Number made up of both letters and numbers.

Complete a "GMS1" (Family Doctor Services Registration) form as part of the registration process.

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Know all the details for your previous doctor, including her office address and postcode, as you will need to provide this information along with your NHS number.

Once you have registered your details with the health centre administrator, he will change your details in the NHS system, and a new NHS card will be sent to your new address.

In recent years this has been replaced with an NHS Number that only contains numbers (as shown in the example above).

In June 2016, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union.

If you move out of our practice catchment area you should not assume the Practice can continue to look after you. There are instructions when you move to a new area on the back of your NHS medical card.

The National Health Service (NHS) issues residents an NHS card, which details their name, address, the doctor with whom they're registered and their unique NHS number.

Despite this decision, no plans have been announced to scrap the EHIC and the European Health Insurance Card scheme is still in place as it was prior to the referendum.

On this basis, you can still receive an EHIC Card from the NHSBSA and it will still cover you in all countries which have state provided healthcare under the EHIC scheme.

But having an NHS Number doesn't mean you're automatically entitled to the free use of all NHS services.

Patients in England are required to pay patient contributions towards some NHS services they receive. You'll need your NHS Number to book hospital appointments online through the NHS e-Referral Service or to register for the Electronic Prescription Service.

Call the health centre and ask for a registration appointment with the administrator.

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