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Despite Dave's warnings to avoid injury, Matthew hurts his hand and requires a trip to the hospital.

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Newsradio episode mr james dating

Flirting and sexual innuendoes accompany workplace romances.

Characters occasionally have sex (all off-screen) in the office.

Most storylines are harmless in nature, ranging from an anchorman's addiction to age-unknown sandwiches in the building's snack machine to a new complaint box that handles more than its share of employee gripes.

Overall, the show's ability to make interpersonal relationships so funny while sticking to largely non-controversial subject matter makes it a rare find.

Bill attempts to asks Dave to sign off on his latest report for "The Mc Neal Perspective", but Dave gets tied up with helping Matthew.

Bill goes ahead with the report anyway, in which he protests another broadcaster's excessive usage of the word "penis." Dave returns and asks for Lisa's advice in how to handle payment for Matthew's injury.

The characters often play jokes on each other, almost always in good fun.

Some characters (like Matthew) are consistently made fun of, and the characters can be petty at times -- all for laughs, of course.

" /The group has mostly respectful working relationships despite very different personalities.

Two out of three regular female characters are strong and ambitious and admired by their co-workers.

Nevertheless, he still protests usage of the word "penis", regardless of context.

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