Neul dating nelly dating ashanti still

And when I was starting to become an old man in college, I met some young friends, too. I'm fully aware that 30 is not that old, but I'm trying to give a little meaning to this being the last post of my 20s." "Looking back on my 20s, a lot happened. Now I've known them for about 8 to 10 years." "This is something I've thought since long ago: 'When I enlist, I want my friends to each shave a line of my hair.' And we did it. To my friends, thank you so much." "I think this Instagram post will be the last one that I post in my 20s. Thinking of those times, not a single moment was wasted. There were a lot of projects that I loved working on.

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The 27-year-old rubbished the relationship reports. The two ended their relationship after dating for four years.

Chang's agency confirmed that they are no longer in a relationship.

They were spotted wearing couple outfits with black shirts and caps.

Regarding the report, Kang’s label made an official statement for clarification, saying: “It is true that he met up with IU, but they are not in a romantic relationship.

On February 22, 2019, Kang was appointed as honorary ambassador of the Military Manpower Administration (MMA).

The ceremony took place at the Air Force Hall in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul.

I uploaded a photo that she sent me on Instagram and that led to dating rumors with the rapper Cheetah.

I've never even met her."When asked about his last kiss, Kang Ha Neul responded, "My last kiss was 4-6 months ago.

The "Midnight Runners" actor was spotted with IU and two other people at a cafe on Sunday, September 10.

One of the workers from the cafe said, "Kang Ha Neul and IU did come to the cafe together with other people/friends but they were the only celebrities. After working together in a drama, they became good friends. We are both aware of the dating rumor, if there are photos where it's just the two of us, I would like to see them as well." Ha Neul began his military enlistment on Monday. 그때부터 생각했던 건데 "내가 군대갈때에는 꼭 한줄씩 내 머리를 밀어달라고 하고싶다." 그걸 이렇게 이루게 되었네요 ㅎ 정말 정말 인생에 기억에 남는 순간 이었습니다 ㅎ 친구들아 너무너무 고맙다.

IU had gushed about Chang when the Korean media outlet Dispatch published photos of the couple together.

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