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This class provides many write method to write XML document items. The Xml Write class contains functionality to write data to XML documents.Xml Document Fragment class represents a document fragment, which can be used to add to a document. I am using Xml Text Reader class to read an XML file.

Read String, Read Inner Xml, Read Outer Xml, and Read Start Element are more read methods.

Some of these methods are Move To Attribute, Move To First Attribute, Move To Content, Move To First Content, Move To Element and Move To Next Attribute.

As their name explains, they are used to read text, node, and schemas.

This class also has a method Skip to skip current node and move to next one. The Xml Text Reader, Xml Node Reader and Xml Validating Reader classes are derived from Xml Reader class.

List 2 code sample reads an XML document, finds a node type and writes information at the end with how many node types a document has.

Highly Recommended I have published a free book on XML programming using C#. Free e-book: Programming XML with C# Learn more XML Programming Still hungry for more XML programming with C# and . Here is a dedicated section with hundreds of articles and code samples on XML programming using C# and . XML Programming in C# About Sample Example 2 In this sample example, I read an XML file using Xml Text Reader and call Read method to read its node one by one until end of the file.

It also provides functionality to add XML items such as attributes, comments, spaces, elements, and new nodes. This class contains many Move methods to move through a document. Reading XML Documents In my sample application, I'm using to read and display its data through Xml Text Reader. The Xml Text Reader, Xml Node Reader and Xml Validating Reader classes are derived from Xml Reader class.

The Load and Load Xml methods can be used to load XML documents and Save method to save a document respectively. Few of them are Xml Convert, Xml Linked Node, and Xml Node List. Besides Xml Reader methods and properties, these classes also contain members to read text, node, and schemas respectively.

These classes are - Xml Reader, Xml Text Reader, Xml Validating Reader, Xml Node Reader, Xml Writer, and Xml Text Writer.

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