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Following years without an arrest, investigators discover a new tool that may finally help unlock the murderer's identity.

Season 27, Episode 33May 10, 2019When a dancer is murdered in her Virginia home, investigators are hopeful they can crack the case.

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Season 27, Episode 39June 14, 2019Shirley Carter is gunned down in her kitchen in in rural Iowa.

Dennis Murphy reports on the major developments in the case, and the family feud that led to a murder trial.

She speaks to Andrea Canning about the case that made worldwide headlines and inspired a Hollywood movie.

Season 27, Episode 46July 8, 2019A 59-year-old father is found dead in his home, and family members assume it is related to his ongoing health issues.

It was ruled an accidental drug overdose but she suspects it was something far more sinister. Season 27, Episode 43June 28, 2019A Kentucky man is convicted of murdering his coworker.

It appears the mystery is solved until a stunning disclosure years later turns the closed case upside down.

Season 27, Episode 38June 10, 2019The family and friends of University of Utah athlete Lauren Mc Cluskey are devastated when she is found murdered on campus.

She was a parent's dream - studious, a little bit shy and devoted to her sport.

When a man is eventually convicted, the long road to justice seems to be complete.

Season 27, Episode 36May 31, 2019When a young teacher in Pennsylvania is murdered, her friends wonder if the killer will be caught.

But when the coroner reveals he didn't die of natural causes, police begin an investigation questioning some of his family members.

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