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Emily continued to support Michael, and she was a sounding board for Sonny when he finally had to send his ex-wife Carly to a hospital to seek professional help.

Nikolas eventually became aware that Emily was intentionally avoiding being alone with him.

She tried to give Nikolas what she felt he needed from her in terms of intimacy, but truthfully, she was only pretending to be enjoying things like touch, and the physicality of their relationship.

As Conner was lunging toward Emily again, she shot him in self-defense.

She spent months plagued with guilt by her choice to encourage Conner to pretend to be Nikolas.

Sonny & Emily slowly built a friendship over six months of screentime beginning in May of 2005.

Emily had been brutally raped by a man named Conner Bishop.

Reese Marshall had just died, and Emily felt responsible for misdiagnosing her.

She was riddled with self-doubt and guilt, questioning her ability to become a doctor. They were friends In fact; Sonny had encouraged her not to give up and to believe in herself. Yes, Sonny was a Mob Boss, but she had seen a whole other side to him and she understood that people living the mob life make that choice young before they know truly what they have gotten into. Emily and Sonny hadn’t done anything but be friends, yet the whole town was opposed to a romance between them.One might, Emily rescued Sonny’s son Michael from drowning. He even staged a kiss with his ex-wife in hopes that it would send Emily running in the opposite direction. Terrified that Sonny might lose his life, Emily confessed she had fallen in love with him. Sonny’s sister Courtney died, but the son she shared with Nikolas survived. She thought she had lost her sensuality with the rape, but slowly it had re-awakened over time with him. Sonny & Emily already had so much opposition from all of Port Charles, in the face of so much sadness and death following the virus epidemic.In a moment of weakness overcome with growing feelings for Emily the two kissed. Amidst the craziness of a viral outbreak at General Hospital, Jason told Sonny if her pursued a relationship with his sister, he would have no choice but to take drastic measures to stop it. Aware that things could have gone another way, and Sonny could have died, Emily decided she wanted to be with him. She hadn’t been intimate with anyone but Nikolas since the rape. Sonny & finally gave in to their feelings and made love. They decided to keep their relationship temporarily secret.When Emily took a temporary leave of absence from medical school to sort out her feelings; her entire family blamed Sonny and his “criminal underworld” for her choice. Once you are in that life, you just can’t “get out.” Sonny’s ex-wife Carly started obsessing over the idea that Sonny & Emily were falling in love. One day, Emily was completely blindsided when she had a dream about Sonny which was about more than friendship. Suddenly she found herself thinking about him constantly. They grew stronger by the day, but she knew they were unrequited, so there was nothing to worry about.The only catch was, the thought had not occurred to either of them. Emily’s brother Jason had always been unconditionally supportive of her, but when Carly planted ideas in his head about a relationship between she & Sonny, for the first time ever, he adamantly rejected the idea. He felt she couldn’t handle the “mob life,” and that Sonny would eventually hurt her. Emily denied any romantic feelings and promised Jason they were just friends. Secretly though, Sonny was falling deeply in love with Emily.Appalled that Emily should have to deal with what he called indignity, Sonny invited Emily to stay in the guesthouse on his estate while she sorted things out. The mere hint of Emily spending time in close proximity to Sonny Corinthos, sent the whole town into a frenzy of warnings and cautionary tales about Sonny.

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