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Leading to the birth of Naruto Uzumaki Senju.(Just so you guys know in case it wasn't clear.

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No matter where he turns, Iruka seems to be there, all warmth and smiles and beauty, and whatever Iruka wants, Kakashi is compelled to give him.

Just when things seem to be making perfect sense, demons from Iruka's past appear to haunt his present, and Kakashi must use his abilities to figure out the who, what, where, and why of it all, and put a stop to whoever the hell this Mizuki sum-bitch is.

She knows that leaf village left her family to die during the second great ninja war.

Thanks to a time seal that she created that allowed her to look into the past. With Tsunade and Minato drunk, all she would have to do is knock Minato out.

Naruto has backed away from the group to make sure Hinata has their support with her new relationship and has found himself mixing with a new group of guys.

Kurama is about to give his host some new information that going to blow the poor kids mind, because the whole Alpha-Beta-Omega thing only exisits in the animal world not in the human world and guess what the tailed beasts are modeled after!

(In which Kakashi and Iruka have taken in Sasuke and Naruto respectively, and Mizuki really is an asshole.

Please just read it, I swear it's awesome) The war is over and Naruto and Hinata's relationship didn't quite work out the way they had hoped.

This is primarily a slice of life piece and heavy on both fluff and angst.

It will eventually cover a lot of the cannon events and have cannon typical violence and darker themes (at which point things will become more plot heavy). In this universe, Minato, Jiraya, and Kushina meet Tsunade in a bar together.

He taught himself what he could, and learned to adapt to his situation. Shikamaru Nara grew up with the clan around him, but always felt like he needed to be different. This fic was formerly titled "New Rules of the Game" by Kia15.

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