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It got to the point where I started thinking 'I need to hurry up and get married so I can change our surnames just in case my son or his friends Google me'."Naomi is now a blogger and models for fashion brand Silk Fred – and she also has a couple of very minor acting roles under her belt, including a role in the 2008 British drama film , but once they did, they basically didn't stop.

It's not always been an easy ride for Jeff, who has opened up about raising his sons Bobby and Freddie alone after their mum Jade Goody passed away (the pair weren't together at the time).

Going by the fact that he brought an Irish drum as his luxury item, we're going to go out on a limb and say perhaps not.

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We had to include Fliss if only because we are massively jealous of the career she has gone on to carve out for herself.

They were certainly a talented bunch back in 2007 and Fliss is just one example – she's now working in the world of movies.

Following her death, Jackson believed that he was an incarnation of The Doctor.

She also appeared in BBC teen drama back in 2006 – we wonder if he had any idea what he was getting himself into?

The T4 and Channel 4 show – pause to mourn T4, everyone – used to completely consume our weekend mornings as we admired the impossibly chic beach hair everyone was sporting, had intense arguments with our friends about the best luxury item to take, and – in later series – rooted embarrassingly strongly for either the Tigers or the Sharks. Anyway, now that the new series has arrived, we've been doing some thinking about the islanders of old and where they are now. "It was crazy seeing it evolve, and bloody crazy doing all the promo. She formed her band Black Cherry in 2007, and they went on to have some success, including an American tour.

So we got in touch with a few of them to find out what exciting things they've been up to, gasped at the people we forgot were ever on the show, and marvelled at a couple of career paths. Mandy was one of the original castaways back in series one. The group also performed at some huge gigs, including South by Southwest and Glastonbury Festival (Glasto organiser Michael Eavis apparently called them "the best-looking band at the festival" in 2010 – kind of an honour).

They are: Samantha Dunlap, Hannah Guffey, Lindsey Beck, Melanie Humphrey, Michaela Richards, Justina Homan, Evelyn Wouters, Amy Barzilla, Paige Norris, Hannah Wouters, Bailey Page, Katie Lane, Kayla Snow, Brittany Hayes, Brianna Jackson, Corey Todd, Andrew O'Neill, Logan Stroburg, Jared Burge, Kyle Beck, and Alec Smith.

They will perform at the new Smith Cotton High School in Sedalia, MO on Sat.

The fashion stylist, who was the face of the Teenage Cancer Trust, was denied life-saving treatment by the NHS.

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