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What if we have another fight in the future, which, like all couples, we inevitably will, and, instead of discussing his feelings about our relationship with me, he again reaches out to another woman?

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What if trust is restored and you go on to have an amazing, loving relationship in which this incident is a hiccup — one that tested your commitment and brought you closer together and reminded you that you can overcome challenges? Some of life’s best lessons come from our biggest disappointments.

That said, if you do decide to continue your relationship, I would enlist a “two-strikes and you’re out” rule.

When they say that you should work on yourself before entering a relationship with someone else, they are telling the absolute truth, Ruth.

My boyfriend once told me about a coworker of his who was reeling over a relationship gone sour during one of their lunch breaks. They’re in really great shape.” Many women wouldn’t look too deeply into such a comment, opting instead to either agree or politely disagree (often by acting as though they’re not as easily impressed…).

You could call it “happy weight.” But it was enough weight to make her feel anything but “happy.” In fact, it made her feel insecure.

Enough to look at as his compliment as some sort of jab towards her, or even worse, a terrible attempt at motivating her to hit the gym ASAP. That question would lead to accusations that he wasn’t happy with her weight. She would eventually pack a back and stay with a friend, and afterward, she went a step further and ended their relationship. But plenty of people let their insecurities ruin their relationships and get “tight” over small compliments that aren’t directed towards them alone.

He has always answered your calls before, but lately not so much. The good news is…You’re about to find out for yourself! There is an all important factor I should mention to you.

Your mind shifts into overdrive and you begin to suspect…He’s seeing another women! But here’s the thing…You have to pay attention and be willing to accept the obvious.

You’re about to discover (5) sure signs he is seeing someone else. You’re unsettled, worried, wondering, tired and frustrated. I’ve felt it too…For years, I suspected my wife was seeing another man, so I know how devastating it can be. If you want to skip past the preliminaries of hearing my story… It is what has led you to to this point…It is your internal warning system that gives you this extraordinary ability to sense when something is awry. (These are usually an excuse to spend more time with the other woman). You’re sexual connection changes in terms of frequency and passion.

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