My ex girlfriend dating loser are vanessa and zac still dating

If you look at the interviews of top models, they are usually extremely organized and they have to exhibit male energy in a professional channel – when is my shoot, how much am I getting paid, how to do complete in a market full of gorgeous women?

If the girl always seems drunk, flakey, or just can’t plan ahead properly, she’s either not that into you, or just disorganized.

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Talk at the water cooler or away from the office was always on her being tyrant.

No one liked her, and she was kindly asked to leave a couple of years back (way after I left, I heard from a friend).

If she’s over 23 and still doesn’t have all these handled, it shows a personality defect in planning.

I understand I may be a little harsh but the truth is trust fund babies also have a huge problem – they don’t know how to survive without money from other people.

Thus they see a representation of things they don’t like in other women.

Female energy is based on jealousy, competition and subtle social cues, but can also signify sisterhood, friendship, and a secret society of emotional support and loyalty.

To me, a woman of beauty possess not only the physical trait of a beautiful person but also the heart and embodiment of the female spirit.

And, as she gets older, the personification of female energy and charm only grows.

This reflects a deeper problem of helplessness, so avoid at all costs.

Loser Trait #3: She’s always out of money, has no car, and can’t take of the basics of food, shelter, clothing and transportation A girl who’s out of college should at least be able to afford her bills and lifestyle.

The loser matrix applies to women across the board. She can look amazing and still have no use or idea of how to leverage that potential.

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